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Healthy Foundations for Healthy Relationships

This time of year, there is always extra attention on romantic relationships and the commercial aspect of a holiday that celebrates love. The hard work of a healthy relationship takes place all year, of course. But with that extra attention on dating and marriage, it’s a good time to discuss how to establish a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. 

Trust, communication, equality, loyalty, and respect are just a few of the qualities that create a strong foundation in any relationship. Whether you’re dating, thinking about marriage, newly married, or are seasoned pros at marriage, Marine Corps Family Team Building (MCFTB) offers workshops designed to help you deepen your connection and further develop the qualities that make for a strong relationship.

Some of the trainings offered by MCFTB that can enhance your relationship include Say What, Real Relationships, Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), the Five Love Languages, and Four Lenses, which may help you understand more about your partner’s temperament. To sign up for one of MCFTB’s relationship-focused workshops, visit the MCFTB website for your installation, under Military Family Life.

There is room in every relationship for improvement. Just as Marines continually train to perfect their skills, our relationships are only helped by continuing to work on areas we would like to improve. But, if your relationship feels unsafe or you need additional support or counseling, help is available.

Visit,, or for additional support and resources.

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