Higher Education Preparation (HEP) Course 
This course is designed for the Active Duty Service member seeking to attend an institute of higher education using tuition assistance. Covered in this course are choosing a career goal, determining an educational path to completing that goal, factors to consider when choosing an institute of higher education, and tuition assistance and other forms of funding. The expected outcome is to create a personal education folder. Click here for link

Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line
Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) is a credentialing awareness, information and resource capability for all Marines. COOL can be used to get background information about civilian licensure and certification in general and specific information on individual credentials including eligibility requirements and resources to prepare for a credentialing exam. In addition to general information on credentials and licenses, Marine Corps COOL also provides extensive associated linkages covering education, career, transition and veteran’s resources. Click here for link

United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP)
USMAP is only funded for Active Duty Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard service members. USMAP is a formal military training program that provides Active Duty Navy, Full Time Support Navy, Active Duty Marine Corps, and Active Duty Coast Guard members the opportunity to improve their job skills and to complete their civilian apprenticeship requirements while they are on active duty. Click here for link

Joint Services Transcript (JST)
Your Joint Services Transcript (JST) is an academically accepted document approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) to validate your military occupational experience. The Joint Services transcript also includes military course completions, descriptions of military occupations, and college level test scores. The JST is currently accepted at more than 2,300 college. To access your JST, visit https://jst.doded.mil/smart/dodMandatoryBannerForm/submit.do

VA GI Bill
You served with honor and you’re ready to further your education and skills. If you qualify, apply for VA education and training benefits online, in person, or request an application over the phone. Apply for Benefits

GI Bill Comparison Tool
You may be eligible for several types of VA education and training benefits, but there are many things to consider before you apply for a GI Bill program. For most participants, the Post-9/11 GI Bill is the best option. Other students would benefit more from the Montgomery GI Bill. The following comparison tools may make it easier to decide which education and training benefits are best for you.

Leadership Scholar Program (LSP)
The Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) is a partnership between undergraduate colleges/universities and the Marine Corps. Our mission is to assist honorably discharging Marines with continuing their education. LSP identifies qualified Marines interested in furthering their education and connects them with admissions offices at the 200 plus universities and colleges in our partner network. LSP acts as a liaison between Marines and universities, providing support throughout the admissions process. Often it can be difficult to translate military experience and skills to the academic arena. LSP advocates on behalf of Marines to admissions boards, ensuring Marines are able to communicate their experience effectively. Partner institutions commit to securing acceptance.

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